Welcome to ESEC Indiana’s Premier Emergency Services Education Center!

As Indiana’s premier Emergency Services Education Center, we will create and conduct classes for you. We offer live fire training, flashover, firefighter survival, CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Testing), SWAT tactical drills, confinement skills and more.

Located on the west side of Indianapolis, we are Central Indiana’s only year-round, permanent CPAT Facility.

We can provide facilities for your instructors to conduct training sessions, or we can create and conduct training sessions for you. Please contact Doug Scheffel by telephone at 317-988-7701 or by email at doug.scheffel@wayne.k12.in.us for additional information.

Upcoming Course Offerings

Thursday, 11/4/2021: CPAT Orientation/Test and CPAT Re-Test/Renewal

Saturday, 11/13/2021: CPAT Orientation/Test and CPAT Re-Test/Renewal

Rent the Grand Hall at Westlake Gardens

The Grand Hall is a banquet facility located on the ESEC campus and can accommodate approximately 500 guests. The venue has a wrap-around patio overlooking water. Catering and bar services are available. Please contact the venue’s Director of Communication, Ms. Jamibeth Cottrill at 317-863-3300, or the facility’s website at www.thegrandhallatwestlake.com for additional information.

Grand Hall Photo