About Us

About Emergency Services Education Center

ESEC is a 60 acre complex located on the westside of Indianapolis, easily accessible to the Indianapolis International Airport and the interstate system. The facility is designed to meet the training needs of public safety personnel, commercial safety personnel, and the community. We provide relevant, realistic training at prices that are attractive to departments of all sizes and types.

ESEC instructors are among the best in Indiana. Under specific conditions we can facilitate the use of the facilities by your instructors. Firefighters from around the world have traveled to ESEC to participate in classes tailored to suit their particular training needs. Our computer controlled live-fire training building integrates multiple safety features while maintaining the realistic training today’s emergency responders require. The building is equipped with four separate burners to simulate warehouse, living room, bedroom and restaurant kitchen fires. The system monitors heat and water application to provide realistic firefighting scenarios and can initiate a fire every two minutes. Students will respond, layout, advance, extinguish and be ready to do it all over again in a minimum amount of time, giving you a worthwhile return on your investment.

The facility also offers a variety of other training areas relevant to emergency responders:

  • A six story training tower which includes a search maze, breaching props, sprinkler lab and high-rise fire props.
  • A HazMat pad with a number of tankers as well as plugging and patching trainers.
  • Confined Space and Trench Rescue training areas
  • An apparatus driver/operator training pad
  • Car fire training prop
  • Flashover Chamber

We invite you to visit our facility or call us at 317-988-7703. We are here to help with any of your training needs.
** OFFICE HOURS 7:30 am – 4:30 pm **