CPAT – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason for waiting 8 weeks after Orientation to test?
The 8 week waiting period is set by the International Association of Firefighters. The association feels the 8 week period is a sufficient amount of time for anyone to prepare themselves properly to pass the physical ability test.

Can I waive the 8 week waiting period?
Yes. This is your choice, However you will be giving up all your practice sessions and must sign a waiver the day you take the test.

Can I practice after I have attended Orientation and before I test?
Yes, you may practice on any of our scheduled Orientation/Test dates at no charge. Two (2) timed test dates will be made available between your Orientation and Test date. Practice is held from 7:45 AM – 8:30 AM on all dates we are at the CPAT facility.

Can I take the CPAT test the same day that I attend Orientation?
We do not recommend this. However if this is your choice, you can do so by registering for your Orientation date and sending an email requesting a test appointment time to be set up directly after Orientation is completed. You will receive a confirmation email.

What happens if I fail the test?
You may re-test as many times as you would like. The re-test cost is $75.00. You can register on-line by closing out of this window and clicking on “CPAT Re-test or Renew CPAT Card” You will select the date you want to re-test, then you will receive an email with the appointment time available for the date of your choice.

How long does the CPAT card last?
Expiration of CPAT cards are up to each individual Fire Dept. However most Departments accept the CPAT card for one year.

How long does the Orientation last?
You need to arrive on time. Orientation does not last long at all. You will not be there longer than 1 hour.

How should I dress for Orientation?
Dress casual, you will not be going through the events at Orientation unless you want to try it after you have completed Orientation.

When Orientation and Testing is on the same day, I don’t have to go through Orientation a 2nd time do I?
When you show up to the CPAT facility, you will be asked, “Are you here for Orientation or for Testing?” The Orientation group will be sent one direction and the Test group will be sent another direction.

How should I dress for the CPAT Test?
You must wear long pants (Short pants are not allowed). You must wear closed toe shoes such as tennis shoes (No open toed shoes are allowed).

How long will I be there for the CPAT test and should I bring anything with me?
You will be given an appointment time to test. Test appointments are scheduled in two hour time increments. You should not be there any longer than 2 hours, 10 minutes and 20 seconds after your scheduled time. Please dress comfortably for the test and bring your identification with you.

ESEC accepts Checks, Visa, and MasterCard
ESEC Refund Policy:

Note: All cancellations must be in writing and emailed or mailed to ESEC before refund will be issued.
* 100% Refund Four (4) weeks prior to start date
* 50% Refund Between two (2) and four (4) weeks prior to start date
* No Refund After (2) weeks prior to start date
* There will be a $10 charge on all credit card refunds due to charges incurred by ESEC